So what is this thing called SEO?  It means we are in business to give your company move visibility online and we have a tried and true process.  Higher rankings means more clients and a lighting fast ROI.

Edge knows that Ads and Geo Fencing work, but the problem is as soon as you stop spending money on that you will stop all leads coming into your business. With SEO you will hold on to a first page ranking no matter what you spend on ads. If you were to reach the top spot then you could theoretically stop running ads all together and rely only on leads that come through your website. This is the end goal for our clients.

The SEO Process

Our main purpose is to have your website land on the first page of the search engines. It is very difficult to conduct business these days and many business owners, like yourself, don’t have the time to focus on figuring this all out and we understand that. Our entire process, which is about to be laid out, is rooted in the principle of Return on Investment (ROI). When you work with us we ask you to give us at least 60 days to prove to you this process works.

On Page SEO

This is the practice of ensuring your website provides a favorable user experience, the page’s load fast, is full of content and is laid out in a way that the search engines can understand. It is imperative that that you have a highly functioning website and sometimes that requires going back to the drawing board and completing a website redesign. The good news is we believe we are the best in the business at Web Design and would be happy to assist.  After you have a fully functioning website rooted in a positive user experience, we will work to ensure you have high quality, authoritative content that will ensure your website is sending the appropriate signals to google.  That all means higher rankings and more clients.

Off Page SEO

You’ll often here us explain off page SEO as a popularity contest. Google and other search engines must trust your website and one of the determining factors that goes into this trust principle is to have other sites linking to you, having a completed Google My Business account, and having proper citations on your site.


The phone book may be a thing of the past but believe it or not these directories are now online and is a key ranking indicator. By having your name, address and phone number listed on over 350 directories your website will begin to be trusted in the eyes of search engine as a legitimate business with consistent information across all major directories.

Google my Business

Have you ever wondered how websites show up in the map pack on the top of google when someone searches google for your service plus location? For us when people search for Kentucky SEO or web design Nashville we will show up on the search engines if you are located in the area.  Well this is known as having a Google My Business page. To use an example specific to you let’s say you are a roofing company located in Jeffersonton, KY. We can ensure that your business shows up in the map pack so you get more calls and visitors to your website.

Back Links

For local SEO to work one of the main factors is a practice known as back linking. This is the practice of having high quality websites linking to you. The more sites you have linking to yours Google will reward you with a better ranking. At Rossi Marketing we will develop a strategy for you to ensure that your brand and keywords are appearing on the first page of the search results.